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Beef Noodles


Beef Noodles

Taste from Lanzhou

Secret soup bases

Lanzhou Noodles is a famous Chinese delicacy. People in Lanzhou generally call it"Lanzhou Beef Noodles","Lanzhou Beef Ramen" or"Lanzhou Beef Big Bowl". Lanzhou Noodles has won praise from Chinese and even the world's diners with its unique flavor, and won the reputation of"Chinese First Noodle".

The soup of Lanzhou Beef Noodles, as the soul of Lanzhou Beef Noodles, is secretly made of more than 10 kinds of seasonings, and as the highest commercial secret of each noodle restaurant, its recipe is not open to the public. Therefore, even the natives of Lanzhou, few people can make a bowl of authentic and delicious"Lanzhou Beef Noodles" alone.

Through the inheritance of the secret recipe, and time-consuming continuous improvement and optimization, we have developed quick-boiled noodle soups don’t need to boil. This kind of soups can be edible just by adding cooked noodles, cooked beef slices, garlic sprouts and chili oil. The soup is made by mixing and crushing general condiments. It is simple and convenient, delicious and safe, and perfectly restores the taste of Lanzhou. It can be used in ramen restaurants for commercial use or ordinary household use.

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about Lanzhou beff noodles
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Easy and convenient

Instant soup, no need to boil, just add boiled water, add cooked noodles, beef, minced garlic, chili oil, etc., and then ready to eat.

Authentic and delicious

The secret recipe in Lanzhou for twenty years, and is produced and processed locally in Lanzhou, to restore the most authentic Lanzhou taste for you.

Safe and secure

The soup is made by mixing and crushing general condiments, and has obtained SC food safety certification, so you can eat at ease.

Do you want to make a bowl of authentic Lanzhou Noodles yourself?

We are here to present you a one-minute Lanzhou Noodles video production tutorial to help you get started quickly.


Customer Reviews

Individual users from USA·Arizona who bought Lanzhou noodles Soup
Individual users from Switzerland who bought Lanzhou noodles soup
The owner of a ramen shop from Guangzhou who bought Lanzhou noodles soup
Individual users from Beijing who bought Lanzhou noodles soup

I’ve always wanted to eat beef noodles from my hometown of Lanzhou when I went to school in the United States. The taste is indeed the same as the Lanzhou beef noodle restaurant. It is delicious. It tastes great with coriander, green onions and garlic sprouts!

David Chen

USA·Arizona/Personal User

In Switzerland, it is not easy to eat a bowl of authentic Lanzhou noodles. I searched on the Internet and found this soup, which is simply black technology. The taste is almost the same as what I had during my trip to Lanzhou. I want to open a Lanzhou noodles shop in Switzerland!


Switzerland·Lucerne/Personal User

The taste is really good. The ratio of water, seasoning and noodles must be accurately grasped. For the first time, I didn’t follow the instructions to dilute it... The taste is really good and fresh. Customers are satisfied after eating, and business is booming Up.

Guoqiang Ma

China·Guangzhou/Ramen shop owner

I love Chinese Lanzhou Beef Noodles, but I don’t know how to make the soup. The taste of this ingredient is very authentic, easy to use, and very satisfying.

Sophy Tian

China·Beijing/Personal User


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